UKUH Researcher Biographies

Dr Corinna Abesser - Challenge 1

is a hydrogeologist and numerical modeller at the British Geological Survey.

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Dr Michael John Allen - Challenge 3

Research Associate at the Rock Deformation Laboratory, University of Liverpool.

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Professor Grant Allen - Challenge 4

My group's research concerns the measurement of greenhouse gases from point scale to global, with a focus on emissions from cities, oil/gas infrastructure and natural wetlands, using aircraft & UAVs.

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Professor Andrew Aplin - Challenge 3

I am a geoscientist interested in the the physical and chemical properties of fine-grained sediments as applied to seals, leakage, gas shales and pore pressure.

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Dr Phil Bartie - Challenge 5

My research interests are centred in data science and information systems, particularly in the overlap between models of space and place, mobile computing, and human-computer interaction.

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Professor Martin Blunt - Challenge 2

Prof. Blunt's research interests are in the physics of multiphase flow in porous media with application to storage and recovery.

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Professor Michael Bradshaw - Challenge 1

Michael Bradshaw works at the interface between economic and political geography, international relations and business and management with a focus on managing sustainable energy transitions.

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Dr Heather Buss - Challenge 3

My research centres on the chemical weathering of minerals, particularly at rock-soil interfaces, with a focus on feedbacks between microbes and minerals.

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Rebecca Chambers - Challenge 4

PhD student researching the geochemical fingerprints and migration of methane in the subsurface, using stable isotope and noble gas analyses.

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Dr Tom Charlton - Challenge 3

I am a Research Associate in Computational Geomechanics, currently working on multiscale geomechanical characterisation and constitutive modelling of shales, with a focus on time-dependent response.

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Dr Emily Cox - Challenge 5

Emily is an expert on public perceptions of energy and climate technologies, with an interest in all aspects of the low-carbon transition, particularly carbon dioxide removal, fracking and nuclear.

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Professor Richard Davies - Challenge 1

Richard Davies is Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Global at Newcastle University.  He is PI for Challenge 1 (Assessing and Monitoring the UK Shale Gas Landscape) and leads ReFINE.

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Dr Nicola De Paola - Challenge 3

Nicola’s research themes are in fault and earthquake mechanics, including induced seismicity. Nicola adopts a multidisciplinary approach integrating field, microstructural and experimental datasets.

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Professor Patrick Devine-Wright - Challenge 5

Patrick Devine-Wright specialises in researching significant, policy-relevant environmental problems using an interdisciplinary collaborative approach that is theoretically informed and has clear pathways to impact.

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Dr Jen Dickie - Challenge 5

I am an interdisciplinary researcher whose work focuses on the socio-environmental interactions of the energy landscape.

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Dr Alex Dickinson - Challenge 1

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Geothermal Energy

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Katie Edwards - Challenge 3

PhD student studying the potential effects of fracking fluids on the composition and function of subsurface microbial communities through cultivation dependent and independent analysis.

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Dr Darrick Evensen - Challenge 5

Darrick has researched public reactions to shale gas extraction for over a decade and has published over 30 peer-reviewed academic articles on this topic, examing the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

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Professor Quentin Fisher

Professor of Petroleum Geoengineering and Director of the Wolfson multi-phase flow laboratory at the University of Leeds.

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Professor Al Fraser - Challenge 2

Al Fraser has held a Chair in Petroleum Geoscience at Imperial College, London since 2010. He holds a BSc from Edinburgh University and a PhD from Glasgow University in the UK, both in Geology.

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Dr Andrew Fraser-Harris - Challenge 4

Andrew is a post-doctoral research associate at the University of Edinburgh studying the integrated risks associated with subsurface activities.

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Dr Stuart Gilfillan - Challenge 4

Stuart Gilfillan is currently a Senior Lecturer in Geochemistry in the School of GeoSciences, at University of Edinburgh.

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Dr Joanna Holmgren - Challenge 4

Joanna is a research associate in seismology at the University of Bristol. Her research interests include earthquake source properties and seismic hazard associated with induced seismicity.

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Dr Mark Ireland - Challenge 1

Dr Mark Ireland has broad interests in geoenergy and the role of geosciences in decarbonisation of the energy industry.

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Mr Conor John - Challenge 5

I'm a behaviour change scientist, but have covered a range of topics including health and wellbeing impacts of nature, spillover of pro-environmental behaviours in a national park and now fracking.

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Professor Michael Kendall - Challenge 3

Mike is the Chair of Geophysics at the University of Oxford. He is PI for the SHAPE project (Challenge 3).

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Dr Tom Kettlety - Challenge 3

I am a geophysicist studying induced seismicity, using seismology, geomechanics, and earthquake statistics to better understand fault activation.

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Dr Owen King - Challenge

Owen is a geographer with a particular interests in geopolitics, environmental governance, energy, resource extraction, and qualitative social research.

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Mr Andrew Kingdon - Challenge 3

Studyinteh relationship between in-situ stress orientation and magnitude with fault and fracture orientation and fracture density using borehole imaging and 3D seismic interpretation.

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Mr Adam Klinger - Challenge 4

My research focuses on better understanding the physics of earthquakes induced by hydraulic fracturing, using seismology.

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Cindy Lim - Challenge 4

Utilising deep learning methods to detect induced seismicity, analysing physical mechanisms of induced seismicity & statistical modelling for potential probabilistic forecasting and hazard assessment.

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Dr David Lowry - Challenge 4

Currently Reader in stable isotopes and greenhouse gases at RHUL. Research interests focus on the isotopic measurements of greenhouse gases and mobile measurement of methane emission sources.

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Dr Jingsheng Ma - Challenge 2

Research interests are; Pore-space characterisation and flow modelling; Computational intelligence for geosciences; Modelling coupled fluid flow and mechanical deformation; Flow upscaling for multi-scale porous media"

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Professor David Manning - Challenge 4

David Manning is a geologist, currently Professor of Soil Science at Newcastle University.

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Dr Abigail Martin - Challenge 5

Abigail Martin is an interdisciplinary social scientist working within STS, political ecology and comparative political economy to research agricultural and energy transitions.

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Miss Rioko Moscardini - Challenge 2

Rioko is a Postgraduate student at Imperial College London studying MSc Petroleum Geoscience. Her thesis investigates the potential for CO2 sequestration in the Bowland Shales of Northern England.

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Dr Germán Rodríguez-Pradilla - Challenge 2

Based at University of Bristol, a Post-Doctoral Research Associate on Induced Seismicity

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Dr Mel Rohse - Challenge 5

Mel's research interests include everyday experiences of energy production and consumption; stories, narratives and co-production; emotions and environmental changes; and interdisciplinary research.

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Dr Mohamed Rouainia - Challenge 3

Dr Mohamed Rouainia is a Reader in Computational Geomechanics at Newcastle University. He has a long standing interest in the geomechanical and fluid flow processes in soils/rocks.

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Professor Ernest Rutter - Challenge 2

Research in experimental high temperature, high pressure rock deformation & application to nature. Field studies of deep crust, fault & basin development in S. Spain & elsewhere, & shale petrophysics.

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Dr Stacia Ryder - Challenge 5

Stacia Ryder is a postdoctoral research fellow in geography at the University of Exeter. She focuses on environmental justice and creating more equitable and inclusive environmental policy processes.

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Dr Jacob Shaw - Challenge 4

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in atmospheric science, working on quantifying greenhouse gas emission fluxes from a variety of sources, including onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities.

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Michael Sims - Challenge 2

Michael is a PhD student at the Imperial College, London utilising organic geochemistry techniques to investigate and model the source rock potential of Carboniferous mudstones from northern England.

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Dr Pauline Smedley - Challenge 4

Hydrogeochemist at BGS with research interests in water-rock interaction processes in aquifers.

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Professor Colin Snape FRSE- Challenge 2

Prof. Colin Snape FRSE been involved in fuel science and technology for over 40 years and has 370 peer reviewed publications and has successfully supervised over 50 PhDs.

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Nick Solman - Challenge 1

Nick's work relates to the changing role of gas in the UK. Particular areas of interest are decarbonisation, energy security and sustainability.

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Dr Benjamin Sovacool - Challenge 5

Dr. Benjamin K. Sovacool is Professor of Energy Policy at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex Business School in the United Kingdom. There he serves as Director of the Sussex Energy Group.

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Dr Laurence Stamford - Challenge 5

Laurence is a Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Chemical Engineering at The University of Manchester. His main interest is the role of new technologies in sustainable development.

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Professor Paul Stretesky - Challenge 5

Paul Stretesky is a Professor of Sociology and Co-director of the Healthy Living Lab at Northumbria University. He researchers issues related to environment and food

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Dr Anna Szolucha - Challenge 5

Anna's research interests focus on the intersections of energy and society, especially the social, political and environmental impacts that the development of shale gas has on local communities.

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Dr Robin Thomas - Challenge 2

I am a Research Associate in the Imperial College Rock Mechanics group. I develop and apply new numerical approaches for understanding fracturing and other geomechanical processes in the subsurface.

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Dr James Verdon - Challenge 2

Dr Verdon is a geophysicist who specialises in microseismic monitoring and geomechanical modelling of human activities in the subsurface

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Professor Rob Ward - Challenge 4

Rob Ward is Policy Director at the British Geological Survey and Principal Investigator on the NERC/ESRC UH Programme Challenge 4 Project - EQUIPT4RISK.

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Dr Max Werner - Challenge 4

My research interests centre on the physical mechanisms that induce seismic events during subsurface geo-energy development and on their hazards and risks to people and infrastructure.

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Mr Steve Westlake - Challenge 5

Steve is a PhD researcher exploring the psychology, sociology and politics of personal pro-environmental behaviour. Underpinning the research is the idea that action is communication.

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Dr Laurence Williams - Challenge 5

Laurence Williams is a Research Fellow in Environmental Politics at the University of Sussex. He researches sociotechnical controversies and has studied the case of UK hydraulic fracturing since 2012.

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Professor Robert Zimmerman - Challenge 2

Robert Zimmerman is Professor of Rock Mechanics at Imperial College. Within the UKUH programme, he conducts research aimed at investigating the environmental implications of hydraulic fracturing.

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